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Titan Magazine Vol II

Project Statement

Everyday we are moving towards living completely digital lives. While there are definite benefits to the connectivity the internet brings, it is disheartening to have worked days, months, or sometimes years on a project just to watch it dissolve into the algorithm.

With this magazine we hope to contribute to the preservation of the print medium and to bring you an experience that scrolling through digital images can’t give you. We believe that since it is tangible you can better appreciate the time and energy that was put into creating the images and the impact can be felt through the page. No more editing. No more dodging and burning. It’s done.

Currently in our Lab Gallery

Eric Thornburg

Project Statement

This work spans almost 8 years of the Portland social bike scene. A underground culture of self proclaimed "Bike Scum" who ride bikes, drink beer, and have fun all year round. They are loud, bright, and sometimes naked taking over the streets and parks. Some pictured are no longer with us but their memory lives on.