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Summer Film Series

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Catch The Color Photo Contest Winners

Project Statement

We’re thrilled to showcase the 2022 winners of our Catch The Color Photo Contest with Wooden Shoe Tulip Farm.

We selected among hundreds of entries to choose the best and brightest photos taken at the 2022 Wooden Shoe Tulip Festival, celebrating the best time of the year when the tulips are in bloom.

Currently in our Lab Gallery

Thomas Kichenmaster

Project Statement

Having always been drawn to the wilderness I derive clarity from the mountain air, flow of water, and stillness of the forest. When I'm “out there” everything wrong about the world fades away as I am immersed in a world without time and enter, at least for a moment, a peaceful bliss.

Inspired by the depth Ansel Adams achieves within each of his compositions, I have shot my collection in B&W tones to exemplify the rich and dreamlike appreciation for every feature within my own compositions.

My hope is that viewers of my art will feel the same amount of awe and inspiration I do while standing in a creek or in a forest and experience the view as if you are actually there in your own little world, fully appreciating the depth within this dream.