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Currently in our Store Gallery

Andy Batt's Photo Float

Project Statement

“There is a sense of amazement when the dawn light wakes you up after sleeping under the stars listening to the river. You realize your “job” today is to experience that light, take some photos, and then head downstream surrounded by jaw-dropping scenery. And you get to do that for 8 more days. I was lucky to lead a group of photographers down the Green River in July 2022. I was lucky to take the trip myself, but even more so because I could share an incredible place with others. I got to see the landscape through their eyes and experiences. I was rewarded with a week of comradery, talking shop, deep diving on “what is a landscape photograph?” and seeing how changed everyone was by the end of the trip. At the end of it, we have our memories and our photographs. In a way, these photographs are memories put on display. I am incredibly proud of this work — everyone made creative, moving, and inspirational images. I hope that you enjoy the experience of seeing them.  -andy batt, Trip Leader, Educator, Photographer, Rafter 

Currently in our Lab Gallery

Larry Veltman

Project Statement

In 2020, it seemed reasonable to try to live out the pandemic at the Oregon Coast and I began photographing life on the prom in Seaside, Oregon. The prom and turnaround celebrated 100 years in existence in 2021. Even during the pandemic, the seasons came and went and people came and always congregated at the turnaround. The celebrated, they played, and they seemed to take a break the threat of the virus. These images represent but a few moments of life during two years at Seaside’s turnaround.