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What to bring in

If you’ve got used photo gear that you’d like to consign with us or trade in we’re here to help.

Please bring identification in the form of a valid US state driver’s license or photo identification. We’ll use this to complete the Bill Of Sale and Declaration of Ownership if you’re trading in, or the Consignment Order Form if you’re consigning gear.

Here’s a broad overview of what we’re interested in:

  • Interchangeable Lens Digital Cameras (within 2 models of the newest preferred, others will be considered on a case by case basis)
  • Interchangeable Lens Film Cameras (in good working order)
  • High End Compact Digital Cameras
  • Cinema Cameras
  • Lenses for all of the above

A more detailed list is available here.

If you’re uncertain about an item, just reach out to us and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have. 

Please don’t drop off gear without contacting us first and ensure that what you’re bringing in meets our quality standards. 

  • Clean
  • Organized
  • Have working batteries if applicable 
  • Camera bodies must have body caps. 
  • Lenses must have front and rear caps. 

If you do not have caps with you they can be purchased from us at the time of consignment or trade.


When you consign used gear with us we’ll take high quality images of it and make it available for sale to our customers online and in our store. We’ll invite you to an online portal where you can view the status of your consignments.

You may view the status of your consignments after you've been invited by clicking hereYou may also update your address or contact information using the Consignor Access platform. 

If your consignment is purchased the buyer has a 14 day window in which to report any mechanical or optical issues with the gear. So long as there are no issues we’ll pay you the value of the item sold, minus our 25% consignment fee. Consignments are paid out weekly by check. We’ll mail it to the address you provided us.

Price drops on consignment items are scheduled at the time of consignment.

  • At 60 days the item will be listed for sale at 10% off the initial price
  • At 120 days the item will be listed for sale at 20% off the 60 days price
  • At 180 days the item is terminated from inventory and returned to you

You are free to terminate your consignment at any time without penalty. You must communicate this in writing to Pro Photo Supply at


Trade in of used gear

When we accept used gear for trade we’ll give you up to 60% of what we expect to sell the item for. You can use that at the time you make your trade towards a purchase or we can issue you a gift card code so you can use it later. All trades that we receive are final.

Sale of used gear

When we make an offer for your used gear we’ll give you 50% of what we expect to sell the item for. This will be paid to you by check after the required hold period has elapsed. This will be mailed to the address you supplied us. 

In addition to the identification documents required for trade and consignment we're required to take an image of your right thumbprint.

Hold periods

The City Of Portland requires that all used gear acquired by Pro Photo Supply must be held for a period of 30 full days from the date of acquisition. This is a per item hold, not per transaction or Seller.  Your consignment period will begin after the mandatory 30 day hold.

If we’re notified that an item we have consigned or in our used selection needs to be placed on an investigative hold by a law enforcement agency it will be unavailable for sale until 30 days from the date of the request.