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Store Gallery for June 2024: Bailey Lemkau

Store Gallery for June 2024: Bailey Lemkau

These are a collection of images from the city of Portland, a place I am still learning to love. Creating nostalgia for my experience in this town as they are happening in real time so I can be present in the change. These photos represent a feeling of home to me, in a place I’m struggling to find home in. I know one day I will move away from this city and I will miss it. I will remember the beauty it held and the people that amplified it. Here is a documentation of my growing love for Portland, in hopes the images will remind me of its glory when I am no longer here.

Artist Bio:

I am a film photographer from Eugene, OR. I recently graduated from the University of Oregon with a BFA in Photography. My passions stem from the process, whether that be taking a walk and creating images or developing film or printing in the dark. I often do not find the most joy in the final product, but the expectations I create, the excitement I feel, and the inevitable disappointment I may face. I love the anticipation and surprise film photography brings to my life.



Stop by the Store Gallery this June to see these images up close and in high quality. See More of Bailey's work here


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