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Lab Gallery for December 2021: Preston Michie

Lab Gallery for December 2021: Preston Michie

Project Statement

Preston loves color and form, particularly abstracts and expressionism. His subject matter ranges from flowers, trees, and sunsets to pure abstract works. Although he admires the work of many artists he particularly loves the work of Peter Max, Claude Monet, Edward Manet, Joan Miro, Wassily Kandinsky, Paul Cezanne, and Pablo Picasso.


Artist Statement 

Preston Michie, an experienced photographer, recently took up acrylic painting after a decades-long hiatus from painting. He lives in Oregon City, Oregon.


Stop by the Store Gallery (to the left immediately when you walk in) for the month of December to see these images up close and in high quality. 



Blue Door

Two Ships

Giverny Lotus Flowers

Monet's Bridge in Giverny

Copper Heart Blue 

Wisconsin Winter Sunset

Wisconsin Birch Winter Sunset

Peter Max Bouquet

Garden Flowers No 2

Garden Flowers No 3

Black Heart Black 


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