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Lab Gallery for February 2023: Larry Veltman

Lab Gallery for February 2023: Larry Veltman

Project Statement

In 2020, it seemed reasonable to try to live out the pandemic at the Oregon Coast and I began photographing life on the prom in Seaside, Oregon. The prom and turnaround celebrated 100 years in existence in 2021. Even during the pandemic, the seasons came and went and people came and always congregated at the turnaround. The celebrated, they played, and they seemed to take a break the threat of the virus. These images represent but a few moments of life during two years at Seaside’s turnaround.

Artist Statement 

I started serious hobby photography in the early 1980s with black and white film. I turned my children’s bathroom into a darkroom and it caused a major upheaval in my family (putting it mildly). I worked my way up from a point and shoot to a DSLR to a small view camera. With the advent of the digital format, I began to photograph more. I’ve traveled and photographed in Cuba, Morocco, India, and New York City. My street photography focus now is on trying to capture peoples’ emotions and the perplexities of life.


Lao captures his photos with his Leica Q2

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