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Lab Gallery for June/July 2021: Starly Lou Riggs

Lab Gallery for June/July 2021: Starly Lou Riggs

Project Statement

this work is a reflection of personal experience, serving as an ongoing self-examination of non-binary/genderqueer identity, what does it mean to queer a space? what does it mean to live in the space between language? what does it mean to be?

the root of my work is theatrical and cinematic: emphasizing color, image, character, vibrancy, and absurdity from photography to soft sculpture, video to installation, my goal in utilizing visual art is to convey something that language often cannot: a feeling undefined. creating dreamscapes and characters within these modes of visual media offers a way to rewrite norms, reexamine perception and reevaluate history while normalizing queer facesm spaces, and feelings. 

You can find more about starly lou riggs on their website and Instagram @get.filthy 

If you're interested in having your work displayed in one of our galleries, please submit an interest form here.

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