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Lab Gallery for March 2022/Store Gallery for April 2022: Yama no Hikari by Tomomi Matsutani

Lab Gallery for March 2022/Store Gallery for April 2022: Yama no Hikari by Tomomi Matsutani

Project Statement

"Yama no Hikari" 

Japan has fostered distinct cultures in eastern and western parts of the country. Perhaps cultural differences have blurred over time, but western Japan is still foreign to me. Walking in an unfamiliar town always makes me feel uneasy, but at the same time gives me joy like no other. As if to make sure of the joy, I hold a Mamiya-7 II in my hands.

I frequently stop on the street to change rolls of 10-exposure negative film, since I quickly use them up. It's inconvenient, but that's when I find myself relaxed, feeling the light and air.

The moments captured in the light of western Japan, reflected on the low, rounded mountains, came back to life in my home darkroom.

I wonder how they will appear in the light of Portland.

I'm grateful that my photographs can travel to a place I've never been to - how romantic is that?

Artist Statement 

Born in 1984 in Saitama, Japan. Currently based in Tokyo. 

After studying photography at high school and a visual arts school,

she has had solo exhibits and published photo books since 2005. 

Visit her website here

Pro photo supply will be selling her books in March in the Lab and April in the Store for $39.50. See Jim in the used department for more information. 


Stop by the Lab Gallery for the month of March to see the month's display of images, as those below are just a preview of the shows for March and April. Tomomi's work in the store gallery in April will be different, so make sure to stop by to see both!




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