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Store Gallery for December 2021: Summer 2021 Film Photography Contest Winners

Store Gallery for December 2021: Summer 2021 Film Photography Contest Winners

Project Statement

In a year of ups and downs, one thing has remained constant; the desire to create and express oneself. Through lockdown, through protest, people turned to film photography as a form of documentation, distraction, and escapism. Some of these feelings and motivations could be seen in this year's summer film contest. In Magnus Holmes portrait “Cole”, we see a young person in the solitude of their home, this brings to mind a relatable sense of isolation so many felt during the early months of 2020. Malcolm Lee’s “Rain Walks” reminds us of the importance of self reflection as we ripple and wave our way through life. “Cathedral Snow Park”, a landscape by Nicolas Vavuris, offers a peaceful, serene sense of calm. In contrast, Dan Williams’ “Old Glory” evokes feelings of patriotism and forces us to evaluate what exactly the American flag symbolizes. 


Many thanks to the artists who submitted their work to this year's show.


This contest was sponsored by Kodak Alaris


girl in puddle

People First Place Winner- Rain Walks by Malcolm Lee, 6x7 Portra 160 

People Second Place Winner- Cole by Magnus Holmes, Portra 400 

People Honorable Mention- Old Glory by Dan Williams, 400 B&W Medium Format 

Environment First Place Winner- What it Takes to Maintain by Mike Vos, 4x5 Kodak Portra 400, in-camera double exposure

Environment Second Place- Cathedral Snow Park by Nicolas Vavuris, Ilford HP5 and Nikkormat FTn 

Environment Honorable Mention- first one out by Jon Moore, Fuji c200


If you're interested in having your work displayed in one of our galleries, please submit an interest form here.

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