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Lab Gallery for September 2022: Explore my Backyard by Ian Pearson

Lab Gallery for September 2022: Explore my Backyard by Ian Pearson

Project Statement

Having been a PNW native, naturally I love the outdoors and what is has to offer. Scenic views of various types of landscapes and ecosystems is what makes this area so unique! This collection of work builds upon that love of this area. The idea behind most of my landscape work is to "Explore your backyard". My goal is to bring awareness to local attractions of significance that may not be tourist hot spots, but also re-imagining those iconic locations too.

Artist Statement 

As a native of the Pacific Northwest, Ian draws inspiration from the local PNW landscape and architecture he grew up with. He engages his photography with a technical curiosity, exploring various approaches for his subjects. Like most, he stumbled upon photography in college and the rest is history. In addition to creating his landscape work, Ian also enjoys making Emulsion Lifts with Polaroid film as well as playing with other film cameras.



Pearson captures his photos mostly with his Canon 6D mk II and the 24-105 f4. Filters include the Polarizer & ND 10 stop.

Stop by the Lab Gallery for the month of September to see the show!


If you're interested in having your work displayed in one of our galleries, please submit an interest form here. 

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