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Store Gallery for May: Titan Magazine

Store Gallery for May: Titan Magazine

Project Statement

Everyday we are moving towards living completely digital lives. While there are definite benefits to the connectivity the internet brings, it is disheartening to have worked days, months, or sometimes years on a project just to watch it dissolve into the algorithm.

With this magazine we hope to contribute to the preservation of the print medium and to bring you an experience that scrolling through digital images can’t give you. We believe that since it is tangible you can better appreciate the time and energy that was put into creating the images and the impact can be felt through the page. No more editing. No more dodging and burning. It’s done.

Artist Statement 

In ancient times the Titans were the original 12 greek gods that predated Zeus. They represented grand concepts such as time, light, the ocean, intellect, the stars, wisdom, law and order, and life and death. The idea of the Titan has since been adapted for use in the human realm where use the term to describe a person of great talent, someone who is an expert of their field and someone who we admire.

Titan is a Portland based photography magazine that focuses on fashion, personal work, and photo stories. The goal of this magazine is to celebrate the outstanding talent of the people and also explore those original concepts in a visual format.


Stop by the Store Gallery for the month of May to see the month's display of images up close and in full quality. You can order a copy of Titan here.

Image by Katelyn Kilburg - @katekilburg

Image by Chase Hart - @myfridayfilms

Image by Michelle Isinbaeva - @isinbaeva

Image by Williejane Dent - @williejane   

Image by Will Corwin - @willcorwin  

Image by Luis Lazo - @luislazophoto

Image by Luba Kozorezova - @luba.kozorezova

Image by Jonathan Moore - @doomstache

Image by Nocera&Ferri - @noceraferri

Photos by James Rexroad - @jamesrexroad 

Image by Will Corwin - @willcorwin  

Image by Erik Ursin - @erikursin


If you're interested in having your work displayed in one of our galleries, please submit an interest form here. 



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