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Store Gallery for April 2024: Portland Winter Light Festival Winners

Store Gallery for April 2024: Portland Winter Light Festival Winners

This past Winter we had the pleasure of leading two photo walks through downtown Portland during the 2024 Portland Winter Light Festival. As an extra feature to our partnership with the PDXWLF we also ran an open-entry photo contest featuring 6 Categories with a 1st Place, 2nd Place, and Honorable Mention being awarded in each category. The voting was done by members of the PDXWLF Board and Leadership Staff, as well as members of our own staff. 

The winning entries will be printed by our lab and placed on display in the Pro Photo Store Gallery from Wednesday, April 3rd to Tuesday, April 30th. Come by the store during normal business hours between those dates to check out these awesome photos capturing a beloved Portland tradition. 


Brooke Hoyer - Best of the Fest Winner

Kelsey Baker - Best Captured Moment Winner

Wade Swearingen - Best Outdoor Installation Photo Winner

Sachin Deshpande-Best Indoor Installation Photo Winner

Scott Tice - Best Festival Fashion Winner

Michelle Craig - Best Fire Photo Winner

Brett Nemecek - Best of the Fest 2nd Place

David Scott - Best Captured Moment 2nd Place

Ryan McWayne - Best Outdoor Installation Photo 2nd Place

Shaz Lynch - Best Indoor Installation Photo 2nd Place

Christine Lassiter - Best Festival Fashion Photo 2nd Place

Mary Soelberg - Best Fire Photo 2nd Place

John Collins - Best of the Fest Honorable Mention

Larry Veltman - Best Captured Moment Honorable Mention

Jason Martin - Best Outdoor Installation Honorable Mention

Shanon Barton - Best Indoor Installation Honorable Mention

Jasmine Barganier - Best Festival Fashion Photo Honorable

Steve Kinder - Best Fire Photo Honorable Mention


If you're interested in having your work displayed in one of our galleries, please submit an interest form here. 
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