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Store Gallery for April: Altered Dimensions by Adam Kocka

Store Gallery for April: Altered Dimensions by Adam Kocka

Project Statement

Increasingly we find ourselves reaching out on digital platforms in order to make tangible connections with others. 


At times, I have found myself disillusioned by some of the offerings in the digital landscape; and I often find that I am not alone when talking with other artists. That feeling gave me agency to bring my work to life outside of a screen and into new, tangible mediums. In this series I utilized different printing and paper crafting skills. These skills have allowed me to explore new ways to apply my photography in the art world. 


This exhibition plays on the themes of medium, color, and people. Think of yourself as the consumer of mediums while experiencing this series. To consume the same piece online is a liminal experience,  while standing in person in front of the work is an analog, tangible manifestation of the same work. Analog & Digital became one to create this composition; Altered Dimensions. 


Stop by the Store Gallery for the month of April to see the month's display of images up close and in full quality. It's worth it we promise. 


If you're interested in having your work displayed in one of our galleries, please submit an interest form here. 




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