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Lab Gallery for May and June 2023: Olimpia Trusty-Sojka

Lab Gallery for May and June 2023: Olimpia Trusty-Sojka

Project Statement

The pandemic supplied an ample opportunity to be closer with nature and so I began to truly explore the landscape of the Pacific Northwest, always with a camera in my bag. I quickly discovered how rewarding and challenging that work can be and how truly beautiful this region is. I try to capture the beauty how I see it, with magic and incredible sunsets.

Artist Statement

I am originally from Poland but spent most of my life in the US. My interest in photography began during college years but it wasn't until my solo trip to Asia in 2016 where I run into the work of Réhahn that it developed into a passion. I spent several years taking classes, watching tons of instruction videos, reading books and observing photography of others and taking thousands of photographs. Originally my main focus stayed with portrait and travel photography later getting drawn to landscape.

Olimpia Captured this work with her Nikon D750, and usually wide angle F/2.8 Nikkor 14-24.

Stop by the Lab Gallery for the months of May and June to see images up close.

See more of her work here: 




 Check out the images featured in the gallery below:

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