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Store Gallery for November 2023: Ridgefield Wildlife Contest Winners

Store Gallery for November 2023: Ridgefield Wildlife Contest Winners

Project Statement

Located just north of Vancouver, Washington, Ridgefield National Wildlife Refuge is a unique retreat to nature nestled between the Columbia River and the town of Ridgefield. 

Every year we do a photo contest with the refuge, and we're thrilled to share the 2023 Winners! Thank you to the hundreds of people who entered the contest, and congrats to the winners.⁠


Stop by the Store Gallery this November to see these images up close. 

Birds Category, 1st place, Craig Wallace⁠

Wildlife Category, 1st place, John Matzick - @photomatz1

Landscapes and Structures Category, 1st place, Karen Stuwe - @karylanephotography

Plant Life Category, 1st place, Charlie Sandbo - @charliesandbo

Youth Category, 1st Place, Landon James⁠

Birds Category, Honorable Mention, Jerry Baker⁠

Wildlife Category, Honorable Mention, Jeff Waite⁠ - @j.waite.wildlife

Landscape and Structures Category, Honorable Mention, Linda Church⁠

Plant Life Category, Honorable Mention, Kathryn Caine - @kathryncainephotography

Youth Category, Honorable Mention, Aiden Harper⁠

Birds Category, Honorable Mention, Louise Bartels

Birds Category, Honorable Mention, Samantha Prugsamatz


If you're interested in having your work displayed in one of our galleries, please submit an interest form here.


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