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Store Gallery for October 2022: Alice Christine Walker

Store Gallery for October 2022: Alice Christine Walker

Artist Statement 

I have been an analog photographer for over 20 years; the magic of the
darkroom captured me from a young age. Since living abroad in my teens, I
have paired photography and travel as a way to bridge societal divides and
explore the universal human spirit. Despite language barriers, I have found so
much can be conveyed with a smile and a gesture. What draws me to street
photography is that it is a truth-teller. Street photography presents a raw honest
look at the world, exactly as it is and without a filter. From behind the lens there
is no judgement, only observation, fascination and documentation. It is
important to note that all the images in this series were captured here in Portland and are all candid/unposed.

My degree is in Human Development and I have an insatiable curiosity of
psychology and sociology. At the heart of my work is a deep reverence and
respect for all people regardless of race, religion, ethnicity, sexual orientation
and nationality. For the last five years, my 1950’s Rolleiflex has been my travel
companion and I have solely used it in street photography. There is a beauty to
that camera that allows me to go unnoticed when desired or alternatively
capture a stranger's attention. As a completely manual camera and with only
twelve images on a medium format roll, I have chosen a path requiring a more
intentional practice which always challenges me to stay focused in the moment.

I develop, scan, print and edit all my own images.

I am involved deeply in the arts and analog photography scene in the Pacific
Northwest. I am an original member of The Portland Darkroom and a owner of
Blackfish Gallery, one of the nation's original artist owned galleries which just
celebrated it's 43rd year. Although I work in many different mediums, I am
known for my compelling street photography. My work has won several awards
and been exhibited in galleries around the world from Barcelona to Berlin and
online with magazines such as She Shoots Film and Analog Forever.


Stop by the Store Gallery for the month of October to see the full show!

Follow Alice on Instagram @RoamingwithmyRollei or

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