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Store Gallery for September/October 2021: Mandie Jackson

Store Gallery for September/October 2021: Mandie Jackson

Project Statement 
All of these images were created in a beautifully haphazard way. Many are the result of clear inspiration and planning, while many more owe their creation to the gods of collaboration and divine intervention. I could not have made these without the talented artists of Portland, both in front of the lens and behind the scenes. When I see something beautiful, I photograph it. It blooms in me like a flower, and the world is a little lighter. I want you to see something beautiful too.
Artist Information 
Mandie Jackson is a photographer with a special interest in film and other analog media. She draws inspiration from the natural world and focuses on altering perception through the use of color.  Her photographic journey began in 2010, and she has since been featured in a variety of publications for her work in portraiture and landscape.
Stop by the Store Gallery (to the left immediately when you walk in) for the months of September and October to see these images up close. 
woman on mountain
woman in field
woman underwater
four people
cold people
lomochrome purple trees
legs coming out
woman in field
celestial woman
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