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Store Gallery for September and October 2023: Kisara Okada

Store Gallery for September and October 2023: Kisara Okada

Project Statement

I have been taking street photographs for 17 years under the theme "Wonderful Sites Overlooked by the City".

It is not uncommon to encounter everyday events that cannot be called incidents or accidents. But we tend to forget them quickly. In order not to miss anything, I am always on the move with my camera. It is as if the camera is the main body and I am an accessory. I have over 1.25 million photos stored on an external hard drive.

This is my second exhibition at Pro Photo Supply Gallery, the first being in 2016. Seven years later, my reasons for doing street photography remain the same. I want to continue to photograph the extraordinary things I find in the city that can only be seen at the moment so that people can enjoy them.

Finally, thank you to everyone who came to this exhibit and to the gallery staff for this wonderful opportunity, to Juliana, and to Jim, who has always given so much support.

Artist Statement  

Kisara Okada


1988 Born in TOKYO

2012 Graduated from Musashino Art University

2014 Graduated from Tokyo College of Photography


Award history

2011 The4th 1_WALL finalist

2015 NIKON salon juna21

2016 KONICA MINOLTA photo puremio


Solo exhibition

2009 PhototacticBee / BookCafeGallery MOTOYA

2010 CountZEROBirthday / Momozono Garo

2012 ぎざぎざら  / BookCafeGallery MOTOYA

2014 ©TOKYO-The Endless Tokyo Dungeon- / BookCafeGallery MOTOYA

2015 ©TOKYO The point motion at the beginning of the encounter/ Shinjuku NIKON salonOosaka NIKON salon

2016 ©TOKYO All doors open / KONICA MINOLTA PLAZA

2016 ©TOKYO Hello,Portland! / ProPhotoSupply

2016 ©TOKYO Avantur Planet / TAP Gallery

2020 Ordinary meets Kisara / Boutique Ordinary

2020 ©TOKYO Please close gently and softly. / KKAG

2021 ©TOKYO to KYO too / TK2

2021 ©TOKYO Tokyo Days of Illusion and Reality / Kyoto Museum of Photography

2022 TOKYO tenpin cheese / Canon Gallery GINZA & Osaka

2022 TOKY∞VER / TK2


2022 TOKY∞VER / Kyoto Museum of Photography


Check out the images featured in the gallery below:

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