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Back in Stock: The Sun

Back in Stock: The Sun

We all know there's been supply shortages across the board, and the sun is no exception. It's been rain and clouds for so long we've forgotten how to squint. Our patience has paid off and we're filled to the brim with all natural, free range, organic sunshine here in Portland, Oregon. Our orders have been filled and there's sun to spare! We're here to share some of our top recommendations of gear to get the best shots under the sun.


Neutral density filters allow you to still have control over your aperture, iso, and shutter speed even when the sun is at its brightest.

Variable ND Filters such as the Moment one below are great because they are more versitle.

For example, a cloud could pass and you may need a different filter, and this set allows you to do so quickly and with minimal transition.

Polarizer filters are great when you have a lot of glare or really bright light that would normally make your image flat. Instead, this filter will bring back some contrast and details.


These handy analog tools redirect the light on your subject in a way that benefits the image instead of retracting it.

This 5-in-1 has many uselful modes. Gold warms your image, white reflects light up, black pulls light away, see-through white diffuses light.


If your reflector isn't enough, you may need lights, which will be the most powerful thing you can do to control the lighting.

  • You can have your camera in one place and your flash in another
  • On or off camera lighting solutions
  • Bang for your buck in a portable senario
  • Uses less power than continuous lights


  • More intentional, continuous lighting
  • Better for lighting people
  • Wireless bluetooth app control
  • Beautiful color fidelity
  • Ultimate lights for interviews, portrait photography, and video production
  • Multipurpose, great for video or still
  • Outputs more light (brighter option)
  • Continuous and strobe
  • Wireless bluetooth app control
  • Still portable


If you're a film shooter, you know you need low ISO to shoot in bright light and here are some of our top picks. To shop all low ISO film look here.

This film shines in the bright sun, still allowing you to maintain control over your apeture and shutter speed control. The colors will also be true to what you're seeing.

This B&W film has an ISO of 13 and needs super bright sun. It's affordable and produces beautiful results.

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