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Need gear for your next shoot? We got you covered.

How does renting from us work?

First Time Renter? Start Here.


If you will be renting with us for the first time and requesting an advance reservation, please fill out our online application and reservation form. For first time renters, placing walk in or phone orders, please plan time to complete your application when you arrive to pick up your order. We will require the primary account representative to pick up in person and provide a valid Driver's License (we will retain a scanned copy) and a payment card. We are unable to accept federal photo IDs such as Military ID cards or Passports at this time.

Payment Card Information and Charges

Payment is due at the time of pick up and your rental reservation cannot be dispatched until payment is received. If paying in advance via online payment links or when attempting to do so, please plan accordingly and ensure that this is complete prior to your reservation pickup.

We’re going to retain your payment card information, and we will charge your payment card for the value of the equipment if it is not returned. We will also charge your payment card for late rental returns and for repair costs, as discussed below. If we are unable to charge your payment card for any amounts due, we reserve the right to pursue legal action to collect the money from you, and you agree to be bound for any associated legal fees we incur in having to seek any such recourse.

Delivery, Shipment and Couriers

If this is your first order with us, we can’t offer courier, delivery or shipment services. You’ll need to come by, in person, to make arrangements for your first order. Once you’ve established an account with us just let us know and we’ll be happy to help make the arrangements.

Additional Verification Requirements

Depending on the value of the equipment, the nature of the request, and other business factors, in our sole discretion we may require one or more of the following from you:

  • Trade References
  • Additional Identity Documents
  • Deposits for the replacement value
  • Other information or security

Deposits and Insurance

High Value Rentals

If you would like to rent equipment over $5,000 in replacement value for your first rental, you will need to speak with one of our specialists. They’ll guide you through the Application, Insurance and Deposit process for high value rentals.

Certificate of Insurance

Your Certificate Of Insurance must:

  • Name Pro Photo Supply as the Certificate Holder, Loss payee, and additional Insured (Liability), and specifically call out leased/rented photo/video equipment.  
  • Cover for loss, theft, and damage in a dollar amount equal to or greater than the stated replacement value amount.
  • The certificate must be valid for the entire date range of the rental.

Please allow up to 24hrs for us to verify and accept COI. Insurance certificates should be emailed to

(Note: We do not accept Certificates Of Insurance from on demand insurance companies such as :, Thimble, or other on demand services).

Pro Photo Supply reserves the right to require additional insurance above and beyond the replacement value amount of the equipment in its sole discretion. In the event of a cancelation of a Certificate of Insurance during the rental period, the customer must immediately return the equipment or may be charged for the entire replacement value amount.

Authorization Deposits

Authorizations are used in the payment card industry to reserve money from your card for charge or for release later. Pro Photo Supply keeps those funds reserved for the entire length of your rental. Once your rental is returned in good working order we’ll void the Authorization and this will release the hold on your money. Sometimes your financial institution will hold funds longer. If they decide to do that, you’ll need to reach out to them to resolve it.


You can choose to make your deposits using a payment card. If you choose to make deposits in this way, please know that unlike an Authorization, a refund for a charge on your card may not be completed until the end of your billing cycle, as those terms are set by your payment card company.

Damage to Rental Equipment

If rental equipment was damaged while you were renting it, you are responsible for paying for the repair or replacement of the item, regardless of the reason for, or cause of the damage. We’re going to take a deposit for repair services from you when you drop the equipment off. Our Repair Deposits are;

  • $100 for Support, Audio, Grip and Accessories
  • $350 for Camera, Lenses, Lights and Cinema
  • If the item is lost, stolen or damaged beyond repair your deposit is equal to the Replacement Price of the equipment.

We’ll send the item out for repair services. Once we’ve gotten the total price of the repair, we’ll collect the balance of what’s due from you.

Upon renting the equipment, you will be presented with our formal Terms and Conditions, which you agree to be bound to by accepting the rental equipment.

Pickup and Return

One Day Rental Pick Up Times

Pick up the day before your shoot between 3PM and 6PM and return the following day by 12PM. For example:

  • Tuesday Shoot: Pickup Monday 3PM to 6PM, shoot Tuesday, return Wednesday by 12PM
  • Friday Shoot: Pickup Thursday 3PM to 6PM, shoot Friday, return Monday by 12PM
  • Monday Shoot: Pickup Friday 3PM to 6PM, return Tuesday by 12PM

Weekend Rental

Your weekend order will be ready for pick up on Thursday at 3pm; you have until Friday at 6pm to pick up your weekend rental. Weekend rentals are due back by Monday at 12pm . Rental is open Monday thru Friday from 9am to 6pm. Rental is closed on Saturday and Sundays.

Weekly and Monthly Rentals

Are you planning multiple shoot dates or going out of town for some travel photography? Take advantage of our 3 day weekly rental rate and get 4 days free. For extended projects, we offer a 10-day month rate which includes 20-days at no charge. Reservations are accepted up to 2 months in advance

Pick Up and Return Location

We have a parking lot located beside our rental building. The lot is located on NW 18th Avenue just past our corner location on 18th and Northrup. Take a left turn off NW 18th Avenue (one-way, north bound), into the lot near our building.

Extending Your Rental

To extend your rental, please contact us ahead of time. You will be required to make complete payment for an extended rental period on return of the equipment, and depending on the length of the extended rental period, we may require an additional deposit or additional security.

Please keep us advised if you are running late, we may have another rental scheduled for your gear. Late returns are subject to an extra day charge.

Questions? We have answers.

Chat with Us

We are here to help. Click the Chat bubble at the bottom of the page during open hours and talk to one of our rental specialists.

Talk to Us

Give us a call at 503.517.3637. We can answer any questions you might have about what gear will work for you, what's available or what's new and exciting in our selection.

Write Us

Send us an email and let us know if you have any questions about our equipment, changes to your order or just to let us know that your last shoot went great. We're happy to hear from you!