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Introducing Snappy.

While digital cameras have advanced in resolution and speed throughout the 90s, one thing has remained constant; controls have mirrored the SLRs of the 60s and 70s. A modern photographer needs modern controls which is why we’re thrilled to introduce you to the world’s first on-camera and Internet Digital Assistant; Snappy.

Who is Snappy?

Snappy is your pal! He’s upbeat, chipper and ready to help. He’s awake all night and can’t wait to get started on the day! He’s watching all the time and no matter where your day takes you, he will offer advice any time he pleases. He’s dependable and sentimental. He’ll leave you “gifts” on the porch when you’re having a bad day. He’s the assistant that knows everything about you and shares it with anyone within earshot no matter what you do to try and keep him from talking. He can’t stop helping you and he’s eager to get started

What can Snappy do?

Snappy can teach you about the latest technology in your camera. Need to know where the shutter button is? Snappy’s got you covered. Need to know where the lens is? Snappy’s got you covered! And Snappy will never let you forget to take the lens cap off! Not sure if photography is going to work as a career? Talk to Snappy! He’s here to listen to you.


Snappy can give you advice on


  • Pressing the shutter button
  • Using a higher ISO
  • Making sure you’ve removed the lens cap
  • Checking to see if it’s daytime or nighttime
  • Feeling good about that shot
  • Calling your mother


That’s not all Snappy can do!

Snappy On The Information Superhighway

Snappy is also your best friend on the Information Superhighway, he’s always up for a road trip! He can help you check out the literally tens of products on our brand new website at or use AOL Keyword “Pro Photo Supply”. Snappy is a smart assistant and will learn over time what you’re looking for. Just ask him the same way you would on your digital camera or PDA. We’re always adding more responses and personality to Snappy and we’re sure you’ll love it when your camera wishes you Happy Birthday!

Every day you’ll connect your digital camera to a System 7 Mac or Mac Clone that has a modem connected to it. You’ll need a World Wide Web or Compuserve subscription to connect to our servers. In just a few short hours Snappy will update his dictionary based on your conversations on the computer, your Palm Pilot, or on your camera.

Please note that Snappy is Web 2.0 technology and he can take up to 2.5 megabytes of memory when you first load the page. We recommend accessing Snappy over a 56K V.90 modem for your best experience. Ensure that your computer has enough RAM to load Snappy.

Which cameras support Snappy?

Every major model of digital camera we offer is compatible with Snappy in Add-On Mode. Simply adhere the Snappinator Decal that you’ll find with your purchase to the rear of the camera and you’re ready to experience The Future Of Photography.

For the best experience of Snappy’s state of the art abilities, we recommend using one of the following late model cameras that are compatible with Snappy’s futuristic features.

  • Nikon QV-1000C
  • Canon Super C.BIO
  • Canon RC-250
  • Promatic One
  • Fujifilm FUJIX DS-1P
  • Dycam Model 1
  • Pentax EI-C90
  • Apple QuickTake 100

Snappy vs. Rivals

The short story is that Snappy has no rivals. In a world of buttons that wear out, dials that become loose and are hard to use with gloves there’s nothing quite like the experience of speaking to your virtual assistant and having every command instantly executed by Snappy’s electronic intelligence.

Now some of you may think Snappy is rivals with the best known Digital Assistant, Clippy. But nothing could be further from the truth! In fact, they’re cousins and spend the holidays together exchanging gifts, and telling stories about the funny things humans do!

Fun Fact: All virtual assistants share a common ancestor in an early application for counting shoes and they all communicate with each other in ways we still don’t understand!

The Future of Snappy

Our next step is making Snappy available in the technologies of Virtual 3D Worlds. We’re partnering with Lawnmower Technologies LLC to bring you the next generation of fully immersive digital camera software. Imagine walking hand in hand with Snappy through endless fields of light and shadow for all eternity. There are no limits except your imagination in Virtual Worlds. There, Snappy will help you set up lighting diagrams, learn new techniques of composition and help you become the photographer you always dreamed of being.