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Paterson Photographic 35mm Auto Load Reel

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Designed for use in the Paterson Super System 4 tanks. The reels are adjustable to accommodate 35mm, 127, and 120 film sizes.

The reels have a smooth finish to allow for free flow of solution and are equipped with a twin ball ratchet loading system that ensures easy loading of the film.

In Use:

When adjusting the reel to accommodate different sizes of film hold one end of the reel in your left hand and the other end in your right hand. Then turn each end of the reel in opposite directions until the two parts of the reel unlock. The two halves of the reel can now be slid apart until the correct width for the film to be processed is reached. Now turn each half of the reel in opposite directions to re-lock the two halves in the new position. With new reels the two halves may require extra pressure to unlock them, but this eases with use.

Paterson Photographic 35mm Auto Load Reel

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Paterson Photographic 35mm Auto Load Reel
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