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Superior Seamless Paper #66 Wheat

$76.99 $76.99

Rolls 107" or wider are only available for local pickup at our Portland, Oregon location

Superior Seamless Paper is used to create photography backgrounds, theatrical sets, merchandising displays and more. Whether using a pastel, neutral or vivid colored backdrops, Superior Seamless Paper is a great portrait background for products, families, pets or fashion models. This paper is wrinkle and crease-resistant to ensure that you will have a smooth and seamless background in your photos and videos. Proudly made in the USA.


  • Thick, matte paper.
  • Acid-free, lignin free and pH neutral.
  • Wound on a cardboard core (2-1/8" core diameter).
  • Sleeved in waterproof plastic for storage and transport.
  • Unroll what you need each session.

About Shipping:

  • We stock a broad selection of 107" wide, 36' long rolls at our retail location. These are available for local pickup only at our Portland, Oregon location.
  • 53" wide rolls are made to order and are the easiest to ship.
  • Shipping 107" or wider rolls typically adds $250 dollars to the shipping costs for the roll. We can cut a foot off of it and make shipping work for a much better rate. Chat with our Customer Service team and they'll set you up with an order.