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B+W Master ND MRC Nano Filter

by B+W
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SKU 66-1101532

The B+W Master ND MRC Nano Filters are precision-crafted neutral density filters that reduces an exposure by 2, 3, 6 or 10 stops for finer control over exposure settings. By increasing the density evenly across the entire image area, the depth of field can be reduced to help isolate the image subject, even in brightly lit conditions. In addition, the shutter speed can be reduced to increase image blur and enhance the sense of movement, or smooth out the look of rushing water.

All filters of the new Master filter line are equipped with the exclusive Multi-Resistant Coating (MRC) nano premium coating technology. This high-quality broadband coating is applied on both sides and enhances the optical imaging properties, allowing uniform and increased transmittance across the entire light spectrum to be achieved, with minimal physically induced remaining reflection. The nano all-around protection on the filter glass also ensures increased scratch resistance and extremely fast, easy cleaning, providing a long filter life. The slim filter ring design is compatible with wide-angle lenses with an equivalent width of a 17mm full-frame lens. The top knurling is redesigned for enhanced gripping.