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Photosol Pec-12 2 Oz Dropper

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PEC-12 is a waterless Photographic Emulsion Cleaner that is suitable for use on most film and print emulsions. Because it contains no water, PEC-12 will not cause emulsion swelling, tackiness, water marks, or other damage associated with re-washing. PEC-12 is a blend of organic hydrocarbon solvents with a neutral pH and is free from chlorofluorocarbons and chlorinated hydrocarbons. It dries instantly, leaves no residue, and meets archival needs.

PEC-12 is designed to remove non-water-based stains, grease, and inks from photographic emulsions and bases. It removes finger oils, grease pencil, adhesive tape residues, mildew, smoke and soot damage, gold foil stamp, and most ball-point and permanent inks. It will aid in the removal of firmly affixed adhesive tape. Graphic arts applications include the easy removal of wax and rubylith.

Photosol Pec-12 2 Oz Dropper

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Photosol Pec-12 2 Oz Dropper
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