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Photosol Sensor Swab Ultra

$44.99 $44.99

Photosol Sensor Swab Ultra, digital imaging sensor cleaner, is designed for cleaning CCD AND CMOS sensors as well as any other delicate or hard to reach optical and imaging surfaces.
Clean room manufactured and sealed, these swabs are the ultimate in purity. Sensor Swab® ULTRA digital imaging sensor cleaner is more absorbent and does not shed or leave fibers behind – it is available in three different sizes.
Please review your camera’s manual to learn how to expose the sensor. Be sure your camera battery is fully charged before proceeding and any loose dust or dirt has been safely blown off with a blower or brush.
After you review the manual AND have seen our video demo, you are ready to clean your sensor.

Safely clean your digital sensor with Photographic Solutions “Guaranteed Safe” Photosol Ultra Sensor Swab. Offering a wide array of cleaning solutions that are used to clean DSLR, mirrorless and cinema / video sensors. Many companies offer similar products, but no other company offers the same guarantee – Photographic Solutions products are safe for the use intended when used in accordance with the instructions provided by the camera manufacturer or Photographic Solutions / Photosol, Inc.

Unsure which size to get?  Check Photosol's up to date list of Swab Sizes for all supported cameras.


  • End points for cleaner corners
  • Textured surface to collect more debris
  • Clean room sealed so you get the purest swab
  • Welded seams stabilize swab fabric
  • Channeled handle for a better grip