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Pro Photo Supply Day of the Red 35mm Single Use Camera Bundle

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This kit includes one single use camera loaded with Portra 800 35mm film, film developing, and high resolution scans sent to your email

Get in the spooky spirit with the Pro Photo Supply Day of the Red 35mm Camera, a single use camera that we have reloaded with a roll of Kodak Portra 800… wound backwards.  Why would we do that?  Well, 35mm color negative film has a semi-transparent layer on the back, designed to keep stray light from getting onto the sensitive emulsion on the front. When you wind it backwards and shoot through this protective layer, the result is close to shooting through a reddish-orange filter. But unlike a filter, the effect is a bit unpredictable and varies in strength depending on the subject and light source.  Pretty neat, huh?

When we flipped the side of the film, the ISO level went down two steps. Since this is Portra 800 we’re using, you’ll get an effective ISO of 200.  The rest of your exposure triangle is set at Shutter Speed 1/100 and an Aperture of f/9.5 and the camera has a 30mm fixed lens on it.  But what does that mean in English?  Well just try to take pictures where there’s plenty of light and always use the flash.

Go out and create eerie images with this limited time only bundle!

Pro Photo Supply Day of the Red 35mm Single Use Camera Bundle

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Pro Photo Supply Day of the Red 35mm Single Use Camera Bundle
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