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Sony E PZ 10-20mm f/4 G Lens

by Sony
$749.99 $649.99

Just 2-1/4” long and weighing a mere 6.3 oz. (55mm, 178 g), this is the world’s smallest, lightest ultra-wide-angle power zoom lens1. Thanks to internal zoom and focus, the lens does not change in length when focusing or zooming, providing a stable center of gravity that is ideal for vlogging or gimbal-mounted shooting. The unique combination of outstanding mobility and versatile power zoom opens up creative opportunities not possible with other lenses.

Dynamic, ultra-wide perspectives with outstanding resolution across the frame are assured with three aspherical elements to suppress field curvature and astigmatism that can be problematic in wide angle lenses. Two ED (Extra-low Dispersion) elements and an ED aspherical element contributes to outstanding image-wide resolution throughout the 10-20 mm zoom range (35mm full-frame eq 15-30 mm)

A new electronic power zoom system instantly converts zoom ring control to change in focal length, so the creator’s intent is faithfully captured. Precise changes in angle of view can be easily achieved, providing extra capability for visual expression. A zoom lever with continuously variable zoom speed makes it easy to execute super-slow constant-speed zooms and perform other operations that are difficult with manual zoom. Power zoom minimizes camera shake that can occur when operating a zoom ring so that even solo shooters can produce smooth, stable movie sequences.


  • The world's smallest, lightest1 ultra-wide-angle constant F4 APS-C power zoom lens
  • Dynamic perspectives and G Lens quality throughout the 10-20mm range
  • Power zoom with variable speed lever, responsive operation and control
  • Fast, precise, quiet AF and tracking for movies and stills with 2 linear motors
  • Reduced focus breathing and shift while zooming for refined movie imagery2
  • Consistent balance for easy handling with internal focus and zoom structures
  • Control zoom remotely3 with compatible cameras, accessories or smart devices

1 As of June 2022, Sony survey of interchangeable ultra-wide-angle APS-C zoom lenses for mirrorless cameras
2 Compatible with Breathing Compensation function. For more compatibility information, refer to:
3 Zoom operation depends on the camera and/or accessory used. Refer to the Help Guide for details.