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Kodak Professional XTOL Film Developer, makes 5L

by Kodak
$13.59 $13.59
SKU 1058338

Kodak Professional XTOL Film Developer is a two-part powder developer for processing Kodak and other manufacturers’ normally exposed, pushed, or pulled black-and-white films. It offers full emulsion speed and easy mixing, and can be used as both a developer and a replenisher in a variety of equipment, from small tanks (8 to 64 fluid ounces), trays, or rotary tubes to high-volume processors.


  • Ascorbic acid-based black-and-white film developer
  • No hydroquinone
  • Two-part powder
  • Excellent keeping properties
  • Robust, abuse-tolerant, clean-working solution
  • Contrast Index similar to that produced by other developers
  • Excellent emulsion speed with normal and push processing
  • Fine grain and high sharpness