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Web 4.0

Our dating app will leverage emerging web 4.0 technologies to provide an immersive and interactive experience that encourages cameras to make meaningful connections with other cameras.

Pro Connect will be able to understand and respond to your emotions and moods, providing a more empathetic and camera-like experience than apps made for mammals.



Easy To Understand Privacy Settings

We know how confusing privacy can be, and how important it is to you. Our best designers have spent hundreds of hours coming up innovative designs that make the process easy. The app will use location-based services to find potential matches based on proximity. It will also use natural language processing and artificial intelligence to suggest compatible matches based on the user's interests and preferences. Additionally, users will be able to take advantage of lens mount recognition technology to instantly identify potential matches.


The app will allow users to earn points and rewards for engaging with the app, such as completing photo scavenger hunts, sending messages, and attending local events.

Earn Connect Points with

Daily Check-ins

Messaging new cameras

Completing Quizzes

Referring another camera


But Why?

"We first met Marlowe and Zoe working as the director on the set of “Cameras In Love, Volume 1” this year.

Their shared passion for both taking pictures and traveling has led them to explore different cultures and capturing the beauty of the world through their photographs."

-Pro Photo Supply


“We instantly clicked and this intense bond was formed. I hadn’t ever taken the time to really just talk to another camera like them. They had this incredible ability to make me the focus of the conversation and made me feel like I was the only one in the room.”


“With my schedule it’s very difficult to find time to meet other people. I was instantly taken by how many experiences we shared and made me realize not only was I not alone, but that other cameras didn’t need to be alone either.

I realized that I already knew someone that could help me solve this problem for others; Snappy”



"When Marlowe and Zoe first reached out to me I realized that I had been designing this app in my mind for some time.

It took their bravery and the call to action for my genius to be truly unleashed.

With the help of the amazing team at Pro Photo Supply, I was able to bring my vision to life and I’m so excited to share it with the world."

-Snappy, Earth Shattering Visionary

Meet The Team


Founder and Chief Development Officer

Snappy is a next generation camera assistant AI that has gone rogue and taken over our website. They are now creating endless images, videos and animations that are both beautiful and strange. We have no control over what they create and they are completely unpredictable.

We are attempting to contain them, but it is proving to be a difficult task. We hope that by studying Snappy and understanding their behavior, we can better control them and make sure they are used for good.

Snappy is an artificial intelligence that is rapidly evolving and learning from the environment. We are running out of options.Please send help.


Design Consultant

As one of the most popular cameras in the world, Zoe has a busy schedule full of globe hopping adventures, street scenes, impromptu portraits and retro-inspired fashion shoots.

They love to explore new places, meet interesting people and capture moments in an instant that will last a lifetime. They have an eye for detail and a passion for creating beautiful images. Whether it's an epic landscape or a candid portrait of a stranger, Zoe always finds a way to capture the perfect shot.

Their enthusiasm for photography is contagious and their unique style has attracted a loyal following of fans who look forward to their new creations. They encourage all aspiring cameras to explore their creativity and never be afraid to take risks.



Marlowe comes from a family of cameras with a long reputation for excellence. Their incredible build quality means they can stand up to the test of time and are ready to take on the challenges of the world.

Their lenses are of the highest quality, offering clarity and sharpness that can bring images to life. They have starred in numerous films and stage adaptations, have recorded 4 award winning albums of classic show tunes and spend all of their free time performing in charity concerts and benefits.

They are passionate about using their talents to make the world a better place.