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Calibrite Display Plus HL

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Accurate display calibration and profiling for video editing are vital. Color correction on multi-camera shoots means you need to rely on the image on your edit display. It must be accurate, there’s no compromise, and with the Calibrite Plus HL, you don’t have to. Mini-LED, OLED, and super bright monitors require a sensor capable of measuring much brighter light levels. With the Display Plus HL, you’ll get the most advanced display calibration for the full gamut potential of all mini-LED, OLED, and Apple XDR panels available.

The newly developed high-luminance sensor profiles the brightest displays currently available and is equipped with advanced technology to support future display advancements. And of course, we include White LED, Plasma, RGB LED, PFS Phosphor and Wide Gamut displays as well. Whether you’re using the latest display technology or planning to upgrade your desktop display or laptop, the Calibrite HL Plus ensures reliable performance for years to come. Calibrite Display Plus HL is powered by new X-Rite technology and backed by decades of display and color science research. And when used with Calibrite PROFILER software, you can access fully customizable advanced features such as White Point, Luminance, Contrast Ratio, and Gamma, which make the most of the new HL sensor.


  • Accurately measure luminance/brightness levels up to 10,000 nits using the most advanced sensor available
  • Calibrite PROFILER software; for calibrating and profiling all modern laptop, desktop displays, and projector technologies, including mini-LED and OLED, and super bright displays
  • Broadcast Video Standards Support: NTSC, PAL SECAM, and ITU-R Rec.709
  • BT.1886 tone curve for Rec.2020 – the standard for HDTV – achieves better results in blacks and smooth detail levels
  • HDR-ready for advancing technology and software developments
  • Basic and Advanced modes for ease of use and ultimate customization
  • Infinite control: White Point, Luminance, Contrast Ratio, Gamma, and more
  • Larger patch sets and custom patches from your uploaded images
  • Quick Check, Validation, and Uniformity Check
  • Custom Preset creation and sharing for workgroup consistency
  • Multiple monitor profiling connected to the same computer
  • Flare Correct: measurement and compensation of display surface glare
  • The ambient light diffuser doubles as a device stand for projector profiling
  • Integrated ¼” thread for mounting on a tripod or light stand when profiling projectors or large displays
  • Achieves a 30% faster calibration with Calibrite PROFILER software than previous software (i1Profiler and ccProfiler)
  • Compatible with the scanner profiling module - coming soon to Calibrite PROFILER

More Features

  • The only calibration device to measure up to 10,000 nits with advanced HL (high luminance) sensor for greater color accuracy for current and emerging super bright display technologies
  • Accurately measures, calibrates, and profiles LCD, mini-LED, and OLED displays, including Apple XDR panels and super bright displays
  • Comes with Calibrite PROFILER software, featuring fully customizable features such as White Point and Gamma, Profile Validation, Uniformity Check features, and more. Compatible with Mac and Windows OS and compatible with some 3rd party software packages
  • USB-C connection, (supplied with USB-A adapter) in smaller, fully recyclable packaging and includes a travel storage pouch
  • Recommended for video editing, highest quality still image editing, and design applications; replacement for ColorChecker Display Pllus, X-Rite i1 Display Pro Plus

This item is not normally stocked and it may take time for us to get it from the manufacturer. We'll be in touch about an estimated arrival date after you place your order. All Special Orders have a 5% cancellation fee.

Calibrite Display Plus HL

This item is not normally stocked and it may take time for us to get it from the manufacturer. We'll be in touch about an estimated arrival date after you place your order. All Special Orders have a 5% cancellation fee.

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Calibrite Display Plus HL
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