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Elgato Wave3 Condenser Microphone

$159.99 $159.99
SKU 10MAB9901

Quality content requires excellent sound. You need a broadcast-grade microphone that plugs directly into your setup, and a mixer to blend audio sources with ease. Meet Elgato Wave:3 — your complete solution.

Elegant architecture. Impeccable audio. Robust, tactile control. Wave:3 looks and sounds the part without stealing the show.

Headquartered in Vienna, Austria, LEWITT Audio subjects its microphones to rigorous calibration and quality control in world-class testing facilities with seasoned sound engineers. That’s how they get their microphones into legendary recording studios, and why we’ve equipped Wave microphones with their audio technology. It’s how you get that sonic signature your audience will notice.

Now you don’t need to watch levels while live, nor attempt to salvage distorted audio in post production. When input levels peak, proprietary Clipguard technology instantly reroutes sound through a second signal path that runs at a lower volume. The result is clean audio output, no matter how loud you scream.


  • 48/96 kHz Sample Rate
  • 70-20000 Hz Frequency response 
  • Sensitivity Min Gain -25dBFS to Max Gain 15dBFS
  • Dynamic Range 95dB and 115dB when Clipguard is Engaged
  • USB-C Connection to USB-A