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GraLab Model 171 Universal Darkroom Timer

by GraLab
$233.99 $233.99

The GraLab Model 171 Universal Darkroom Timer provides precise timing for industrial and laboratory work. GraLab Model 171 is accurcate even when fully turned to the highest setting. The two grounded outlets allow you to automatically switch external appliances from one to the other after the set time has elapsed. You can also have the outlets both switch on or off, depending on needs.


  • Elapsed time indicator (up counter)
  • Interval timer (down counter)
  • Two switchable outlets
  • Turn loads on or o
  • Split-second accuracy
  • Second hand rotates one revolution/60 sec
  • Minute hand rotates one revolution/60 min
  • Power switch starts the timing cycle
  • End of cycle buzzer