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Kupo Wrap & Go Shot Bag 5 lbs.

by Kupo
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This 5 lb Wrap & Go Shot Bag from Kupo is used to wrap itself around the base of a light stand and weighs it down, preventing the top-heavy stand from falling over. The Wrap & Go Shot Bag can also be hung from the end of a boom pole to give balance and stability to a light fixture.

The bag is made from a black Cordex textured nylon, and the underside has a polyurethane coating which makes it water-resistant and durable against the elements. What gives its weight to the shot bag is the 2mm-sized steel balls, which completely fill the bag and are sealed within.

  • Heavy 5 lb wraparound bag design is used to weigh down a light stand, or as a hanging counterweight on a boom arm
  • Black Cordex textured nylon bag filled with 2mm-sized steel balls
  • Bag's underside, which is water-resistant, is polyurethane-coated

Kupo Wrap & Go Shot Bag 5 lbs.

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Kupo Wrap & Go Shot Bag 5 lbs.
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