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Peak Design Travel Tripod Carbon 5 Section + Compact Ball Head

$649.95 $649.95
SKU TT-CB-5-150-CF-1

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A pro-level travel tripod in a truly portable form.

For years, traditional tripods have suffered a critical flaw: needless bulk and wasted space, the result of a spatially inefficient design. By redesigning the tripod from the ground up, Peak Design created the world’s most portable travel tripodone that packs to the diameter of a water bottlewithout sacrificing height, stability, or load capacity. 

Travel Tripod is radically faster to setup and take down than traditional tripods and features more ergonomic adjustment points, built-in mobile compatibility, and thoughtful usability details at every corner. Plus, it’s built for life on the road: durable, fully serviceable, and backed by the Peak Design lifetime guarantee.

About Peak Design:

Originally launched last May as a Kickstarter campaign, Peak Design raised $12.1M to create a cross-functional ecosystem of bags, pouches, slings, straps, and clips for modern photographers. 

Pro performance, half the volume

  • Groundbreaking architecture eliminates dead volume
  • Packs down to the size of a water bottle
  • No protruding knobs

Lighting-fast setup and pack down

  • Quick-locking cams allow you to unlock legs in 3 swift motions
  • Legs deploy without flipping over for significantly faster setup than traditional tripod designs
  • Unique quick-release allows instant, secure camera attachment

Intuitive, ergonomic ball head interface

  • Single, ultra-smooth omnidirectional ball head adjustment ring with no bulky/confusing knobs
  • Simple locking ring for total security and stiffness
  • Compatible with all PD plates and most Arca-type plates
  • Removable pins for use with most Arca-type L-brackets
  • Omnidirectional bubble level

Weight: 1.27 kg (2.81 lbs)


Weight Capacity: 9.1 kg (20 lbs)*

*Optimized for pro setups, up to full-frame DSLR + telephoto lens

*Carbon model has 20% improved stiffness. In most conditions, the difference will not be noticeable. With heavy gear in windy conditions, the Carbon model may let you take slightly sharper images.


Collapsed Dimensions:

Length: 39.1 cm (15.4”)

Diameter: 7.9 cm (3.125")


Deployed Dimensions:

Max height (center column raised): 152.4 cm (60")

Max height (center column down): 130.2 cm (51.25")

Min height (low mode): 14 cm (5.5”)

Tabletop Mode (center column raised): 57.2 cm (22.5")

Tabletop Mode (center column down): 35.9 cm (13.125")


Leg sections: 5

Leg locks: aluminum cams



Ball head, hub, load hook: Powder Coated A380 aluminum

Legs, center column: Carbon F’n fiber (Carbon)

Quick release, adjustment ring, center column knob: Anodized 6061-T6 aluminum

Locking ring: Polycarbonate/ABS blend

Feet: Shore A60 TPU


Sub-Assembly Weights

Carbon Legs: 1.3 kg (2.87 lbs)

Carbon Center Column: 0.05 kg (0.11 lbs)

Aluminum Legs: 1.0 kg (2.2 lbs)

Aluminum Center Column: 0.034 kg (0.075 lbs)

Ball Head: 0.2 kg (.44 lbs)

Load Hook: 0.009 kg (0.02 lbs)

Mobile Mount: 0.01 kg (.03 lbs)

  • tripod (legs + ball head)

  • soft case

  • standard plate

  • mobile mount

  • load hook

  • 4mm + 2.5mm hex wrench

  • bushing removal tool