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RØDE VXLR Pro Transformer-Balanced 3.5mm TRS to XLR Adapter

$39.99 $39.99

The RØDE VXLR Pro is a female TRS mini-jack to male XLR adapter for connecting RØDE microphones with a 3.5mm output to devices with an XLR input. It utilizes an internal transformer to convert an unbalanced signal to a balanced signal, making it ideal for connecting a microphone with an unbalanced output to mixer or interface. Premium components ensures extremely low noise when a long cable run is necessary.

The VXLR Pro also converts 12-48V phantom power to 4V plug-in power, allowing microphones such as the VideoMicro and VideoMic GO to receive power from XLR devices and it features a locking connector that will ensure your connection is always secure when recording.


  • Female 3.5mm TRS mini-jack to male XLR adapter
  • Utilizes an internal transformer for a true-balanced output
  • Converts 12-48V phantom power to 4V plug-in power
  • Locking connector