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Rhino Camera Gear ROV Pro Motorized Slider Traveler Bundle 16"

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We took the best parts of our high end gear and created a portable, beautiful, motorized slider. Using a high-strength aluminum extrusion as it’s backbone, RŌV Pro is lightweight and extremely portable. It looks damn good too. RŌV Pro includes an integrated quick release ball-head that allows you to setup your slider and camera in seconds. The built in legs allow you to position your slider anywhere without needing a tripod. RŌV Pro is fully motorized and seamlessly pairs with your phone to control its movement. Have full control of your camera’s movement in the palm of your hand.


  • Dimensions: 25" L x 4.5" W x 1.5" H
  • Length of travel: 16"
  • Weight: 1lb 7oz
  • Battery life: 24 hours
  • Load capacity: 5lbs


  • RŌV Pro Motorized Slider
  • Access to the Lightlapse app ($100 value)
  • Access to the Rhino Time-Lapse Lightroom plugin ($50 value)
  • Access to the Rhino Time-Blender Photoshop script ($25 value)
  • Interchangeable RŌV Quick Release Ball-head ($50 value)
  • Interchangeable RŌV Smartphone Mount ($40 value)
  • Smartphone Variable ND filter ($30 value)

Rhino Camera Gear ROV Pro Motorized Slider Traveler Bundle 16"

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Rhino Camera Gear ROV Pro Motorized Slider Traveler Bundle 16"
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