We’re going to mix things up for our February Facebook photo contest with a more narrowly-defined theme: Self Portrait. That’s right. Self portraits are already one of Facebook’s largest commodities, so why not? The point of these contests is to have fun, so we hope you’ll take this idea and run with it. To win, a photo must inspire us with its creativity, whether it be in the pose, lighting, location, etc. The portraits can be funny or serious, can be shot with or without the aid of tripods and remote shutter releases, but they must be photos of yourself, by yourself. “But Pro Photo Supply, how can you possibly enforce such a rule?” Shhh! Don’t worry about that… We have also decided to host a gallery show at the end of the year here at Pro Photo Supply to showcase the great work that comes in via Facebook. All monthly winners will be featured in the gallery, save those who choose not to be. We will be contacting winners for high-res, print-worthy images in the future. The standard official rules are below.

  • The photo contest is in no way supported, endorsed, administered by, or associated with Facebook, Inc.
  • All entries must comply with Facebook’s terms of use for image sharing.
  • One photo per entrant, per month. (You are welcome to enter every single month if you would like.)
  • Photos must be posted on Pro Photo Supply’s Facebook page to be considered. You can check to make sure your photo was properly received by choosing “Posts by others” at the top of the Timeline, which will show your photo and all others shared for the contest.
  • The photo must adhere to the theme. (If the theme is “wildlife” and you post a photo of yourself dancing on a table at a party, we will admire your pun, but your photo will be removed from the pool. Feel free to enter again with an appropriate photo.)
  • Content restrictions. Please note that our Facebook page is viewable by the general public, and therefore it is very important that no photo contain offensive material. This includes, but is not limited to, nudity and violence. I know, I know—artists who play by the rules never make history, but we want this to be a lighthearted, fun contest, open to all. So please use your best judgement, and if you think an image has even a slight chance of being offensive, don’t submit it.
  • Pro Photo Supply may use your image on our blog, Facebook page, or other online areas. Whenever your image is used, it will be credited to you.
  • The winner will be chosen no more than 30 days after the closing of the contest.
  • $50 gift card has no cash value. Must be redeemed in Pro Photo Supply.
  • Interview is optional, but we highly encourage you to do it if you win. It’s our way of making sure everyone gets something out of the contest, even if they don’t win. A little knowledge can go a long way.
  • Employees of Pro Photo Supply and their family members are not allowed to enter.
  • That’s it! Although, we may have to update these rules in the future depending on how things go.
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