Misha Ashton-Moore | Portland, Oregon | www.mishaashton.com

Artist Statement: 

I am a self-taught photographer working with 35mm film. My images are printed exactly as they turn out in an alternative developing process, they are not altered in any way. Instead of using Photoshop, I rely on obscure angles and the film developing process to create a unique and altered image. I find inspiration in the world around me, from ordinary day-to day scenery to broken and dilapidated objects. I am always challenging and pushing myself to progress my art by shooting with a variety of cameras and experimenting with different films and developing processes. My goal is to photograph the world, revealing it to you through my eyes.


What inspired this photographic series?

Flora and Fauna is a new double exposure series, steamed from my love of Natural History Museums. In this series, I photograph the animal exhibits, then rewind the film and photograph plants and flowers. I then boiled the negatives in salt water to create a beautiful mess of imagery.

Who/what is your biggest photographic influence?

It is terrible to say, but I don’t have one specifically, but I am addicted to Instagram and am inspired by the many beautiful photographs that are posted daily.

Favorite piece of photographic equipment?

· My first SLR, a Minolta X-570 that my parents game me when I was 14.
· Lomo LCA +
· Polaroid 600 box camera !

What is your preferred photographic subject matter?

really anything without people in it. Cityscapes, abandoned buildings, nature, etc. I have a bit of an obsession with National Parks.

What’s your favorite color?

Mustard Yellow and Teal.

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