Sony announces long-awaited RX1R II. And it’s awesome.

by | Oct 14, 2015 | News, Products

Well I’ll be—the RX1 lives! After winning high-end enthusiasts over with a full-frame sensor and street-friendly 35mm fixed lens, Sony’s original RX1 made quite a name for itself. But then the product line (which also included the RX1R) lived out its days with little attention from Sony. People speculated whether we would ever see a new RX1, worrying that Sony’s incredible success with their mirrorless A7-series cameras had led them to forever neglect the compact, specialized RX1.



Speculate no longer—the RX1R mark II is here, and it’s quite impressive. In fact, it borrows a couple of key features from the A7R II, including the 42MP sensor and incredible, 399-point AF system that utilizes both phase- and contrast-detection. Additionally, the RX1R II incorporates a clever, user-controlled low-pass filter, which can be set to “high,” “standard,” or turned off completely for maximum resolving power. A 2.4m-dot, pop-up viewfinder (a la the one found on the RX100 IV) joins the 3″ tilting LCD screen for more choices in how you frame your shot.

Notably absent from the RX1R II, however, is the 5-axis sensor stabilization system from the A7R II. In fact, there is no stabilization at all. That’s kind of a bummer, because that was one of the high points in my review of the A7R II. But I suppose a compromise had to come somewhere in order to fit so much camera into such a small body. Also, the RX1R II costs just $3299 and includes a 35mm f/2.0 lens—that’s just $100 above the body-only price for the A7R II.

The most direct competition to the RX1 may be the Leica Q, which pairs a 28mm lens to a 24MP full-frame sensor and comes with typical Leica pricing that puts it $1000 above the Sony.


Images: Sony

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